HDC MarvelConsult aims to support the international contractors and equipment suppliers in Shipbuilding, Offshore, Oil&Gas, Construction and Installation Industry. Our consultancy and interim management activities are technical and commercial in nature with clear links to the organization and general management.

Equipment Suppliers are facing increased responsibility in selecting the right product for the application. All parties must excel in own core business: end users, contractors and 
equipment suppliers. Forming an alliance among equipment suppliers or a co-maker ship 
between a supplier and a contractor can be an attractive solution. And HDC MarvelConsult has proved to be able to find such complementary companies. In this way the customer can be offered a more complete, integrated system. The benefits are found in better, more reliable, cost-effective and attractive solutions made by experts in their field. Finally the customer is released from decision making in a field where, later on, he risks to jeopardize his core business.

The manufacturing of these capital goods follows the international and cost-of-labour friendly routing, urging the search for cross border cooperation and making marketing and export knowledge valuable assets.

President and owner of the company, Hans de Cock has gained 35 years of experience in managing international operating shipbuilding companies, system integrators and equipment suppliers. Through acquisitions and cooperation’s new distribution channels and products were achieved. This is the base of HDC MarvelConsult offering customers an independent second opinion as well as the hands-on business development.